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Konstantinos Litska


Raised in Greece, I have always been fascinated by architecture and how it has shaped human civilizations. During my youth, I was exposed to the ancient and classical means of construction and architectural techniques, but it was my goal to further my skills and knowledge in architecture by adapting to todays technological advancements. I’ve received my masters in architecture and urban design where i found and excelled in the field of parametric design. Now my next goal is to implement all my gathered skills in specific settings.


The architectural web habitat

The city of Tirana has been missing proper infrastructure for its natural resources and animals since the beginning of its transitory democratic era. This thesis will provide a proper biopark for Tirana and its citizens to inspire the authoritative figures, the municipality, and its citizens into loving and taking care of their green spaces and their zoo.

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Living room experiment

Villa NM

6 x 6 x 6

Various Products

The office house

Residence house

The architectural web habitat